Saturday School Application Form

Yes No


      I agree to make satisfactory arrangements to ensure that my child will be on time for the course and will be picked up as scheduled.
Why do you want your child to study Saturday School?
      Would like to apply to Harrow
      Cambridge Certificate
      To Improve English
Have you ever been through the admissions process at Harrow International School Bangkok?
      Yes (if yes please comment on the results or experience you had)
I agree that my child will abide by the CODE of Conduct of Harrow International School for the duration of the course, wear the Harrow student uniform appropriately, complete all homework assignments, and take an active part in the learning programme.
Payment of Course Fees: I agree that all course fees will be paid by the school's preferred methods by the first Saturday of each term.
I agree to these terms and assure that the information provided on this form is accurate and truthful.
Parent's name printed clearly: